3 Reasons Why CRM Optimization is Important

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Without CRM optimization, your CRM software is a glorified digital rolodex.

The power behind CRM software comes to life when you document every client touch with your brand. Even if someone is calling in to ask the balance of their 401K, you still want to go in the CRM, add a note for history, and tag it as an incoming phone call. That way everything is in the CRM!

3 Reasons CRM Optimization is Important

  • Allows for informed decision making
  • Increases time efficiency 
  • Improves the quality of service provided


What used to take 4 hours, can take 3 clicks with proper setup and good habits. And if Client A were to talk to Client B, they can say they had the same great experience from your team.

Generates Deep Business Insights

Do you know where the bulk of your business comes from? Or what your office spends the most time on?

CRM optimization allows you to track and make decisions on your day-to-day operations. If you purchase a radio ad and get 100 prospects but only one client, you can assess investing again. If you add a prospect and it takes 100 days to turn them into a client, you can assess your sales process. We need to customize your lists to generate deep business insights.  Without a CRM that’s optimized you’re making decisions blindly. A CRM gives you a holistic view of your clients and your business. 

Increases Time Efficiency

Remember when it was time to send out holiday cards and you had to pull out manilla folders and write addresses on envelopes? Those days are behind us. As long as the information you have within your CRM is optimized and clean, you can print contact addresses right on an envelope. Better yet, use an integration that will take those addresses and send out the mailing for you!

It’s all about using your time efficiently to focus on more important things that need your attention–like generating your sales pipeline. With an optimized CRM you can also send a correspondence quickly. For example, in the case of a market dip, you can cast a net over everyone with a product in Apple and email over some quick market commentary of your take. Now that’s time efficient! 

Improves The Quality Of Service Being Provided

Let’s talk about phone calls.

If someone takes a phone call on your behalf, are you aware of that conversation? Everyone can add their two cents and improve the quality of service being provided by putting every single correspondence with a client or prospect into the CRM. That way, in preparation for a review, you can recall who called in, who they talked to, and what they talked about. Spare your client from explaining. Also, if you’re away the business doesn’t need to be parked until your return. With proper optimization, business can carry on as usual and you can enjoy some time away with everything in good working order. You can monitor things while you’re away, or save it all for when you’re back. Everything is recorded and reportable for you to oversee. 

The Importance of CRM Optimization

Your whole entire business is on the CRM, invest in optimization and set up everything correctly with systems in place. CRM is the center hub of your business and should be the first place you login in the morning and the first place you login to make business decisions. The quality of information you get will surprise you. 


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