6 Ways to Leverage Redtail CRM to Engage New Opportunities

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As your firm grows, it is important to continue to engage with leads in a meaningful way. By utilizing the tools within Redtail CRM, you can make this process more efficient and enhance the prospect’s experience with your firm.

1. Define your Sales Process
Redtail CRM Tip: use “Statuses” and “Categories” to define where a contact is within your sales cycle.

2. Determine New Business Opportunities Channels (e.g., CPA Referrals, LinkedIn, etc.).
Redtail CRM Tip: Add these to Memberships

3. Build an Ideal Prospect Process Workflow
Redtail CRM Tip: Whiteboard with your team how prospects and leads should be reached out to. Ensure the tasks are concise and relevant.

4. Automate Where Necessary in Workflows
Redtail CRM Tip: Add automations that link workflows based on contacts or activities being added, or contact status changing.

5. Create Qualified Prospects in Opportunities
Redtail CRM Tip: Use the “Probability Percentage” and “Stage” fields to track an opportunity’s probability of becoming a client.

6. Use Reporting for Opportunities and Prospects.
Redtail CRM Tip: Run the “Opportunities by Stage Report” and “Workflow Task Report” to keep track of your opportunities pipeline.

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