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Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting is a full-service consulting firm with the resources and experience of Redtail CRM and Wealthbox CRM to successfully implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software best practices, customized processes, and enhanced data for Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms to achieve time efficiency and a seamless client experience.

As the primary technology system for a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is ideally situated to track, manage, and analyze interaction with clients, prospects, and strategic partners.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Over 54% of Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, however 40% are not effectively leveraging the software in their firm.

3 Reasons to Optimize your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

Generate deep business insights by creating reports on important metrics
Increase time efficiency and productivity by automating routine processes
Improve client servicing by centralizing their data to the client record

Schedule a Complementary Discovery Call to find out how we help Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms quickly implement and enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I am the Founder and Principal CRM Consultant of Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting.

During my career, I found the lack of financial advisor technology adoption as a major barrier to growth for most Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms. I created Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting to help Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms successfully implement their customized client service processes with the robust features Redtail CRM and Wealthbox CRM has to offer. I love to construct tangible solutions and have always been a resident technology and software expert.

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call to explore how implementing client servicing tasks using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will benefit your firm.

Unlock the Potential of Your CRM

Deliver a higher level of service, more consistently, to more clients by consolidating all of your data so it’s centralized and accessible.

Tracking and analyzing data created with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help you identify trends sooner, communicate more effectively, and target your marketing and retention efforts better.

Schedule a Complementary Discovery Call to learn how you can save 10+ hours a week with a fully optimized Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

How it Works

I’ll show you how your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software fits into your client service processes and technology stack so you make the most of its powerful features.

Step 1

Schedule a Complementary Discovery Call (30 minutes)

We will identify the CRM features you need to accomplish your business goals and address pain points. Check out our Pricing Sheet on our Services page.

Step 2

Project Scope Call (Paid - 1.5 hours)

If you wish to proceed, we will need to identify the features of the CRM you are looking to implement and the scope of each feature implementation. After the meeting you will receive a custom proposal.

Customized Proposal Components:
Cost, Timeline, Project Scope and Project Deliverables

Pricing is dependent on features chosen and complexity of implementation.

Step 3


Once our proposal is signed, I will begin implementing the CRM features as identified in our proposal during the timeline agreed upon.

Schedule a Complementary Discovery Call to learn how I can help you implement your specific project into Redtail CRM and Wealthbox CRM.

Associations & Organizations We Support

What our CRM Consulting clients say

Bighorn Wealth Management

Mike Sikora,
Owner & Wealth Advisor

“Stephanie helped us make great strides in setting up our Redtail CRM. She knows the system intimately and accomplished our ‘infrastructure’ goals. She’s a rock star!”

Hawley Advisors

Dan Hawley, CFP®, President and Chief Investment Officer

Stephanie Dannebaum has done a great job helping us get organized and make the most effective use of the various aspects of the Redtail CRM program. It’s obvious that she knows the program with great depth including how to use it most effectively. In addition, she’s a very good communicator offering clear and concise detailed operating instructions for working with the program. We highly recommend working with her.

Natalie S.

“It took hours to prepare for our weekly staff meeting. Stephanie built custom reports and Quicklists in Redtail CRM so we can run these reports in minutes instead of hours.”

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